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RICDOG Symbols



It is represented by two green and gold lines that together form a DNA-like figure. Green color - represents youthful energy, and golden color - wisdom, which is represented in old age people. The third color of the organization (Blue) is represented by the earth and the arcs around the symbol. Together it means dialogue between generations. The Earth figure indicates that the organization works on global issues and its geography is the entire planet. Lines and plates in unity form the image of a person, which means that the organization is focused on the person and everything that is based on DNA in the person. It is the conduit of human values and its principles.

RICDOG flag:

The flag represents the organization's three colors and a set of symbols.

The symbol of the organization is depicted on a blue background, and the English abbreviation of the organization is written next to it in gold.

RICDOG Logo.png

RICDOG colors:


Blue is the color of the sky, a symbol of infinity and a bright future.

Golden color - the color of wisdom, wealth, knowledge and experience accumulated by generations.

Green - the color of clean environment, youthful energy and bright future.

RICDOG Motivation Song:

Lyric: Mariam Nemsadze, Nugzar Kokhreidze


Music idea: Nugzar Kokhreidze


Music edition: Revaz Edgaridze


Video edition: Gela Natsvlishvili, Gvantsa Totadze, Consultant -- Gia Dvalishvili, Gaga Chikhladze.

Video Clip made By RICDOG Volunteers.

RICDOG dedicates this song to active people who everyday change world for the better. This is a song for flesh mobs, energizers, youth activities etc. Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations" calls everybody to Be Active Always and Everywhere. 

Singers: Keti Kharaishvili, Lasha Akhobadze, Giorgi Uglava, Nino Vashakmadze, Giorgi Janelidze, Ani Chavchanidze, Maka Tserstvadze.

RICDOG Anniversary Song:

We introduce our anniversary's clip dedicated to RICDOG generations "WE are RICDOG Generations".


RICDOG Generations (RG) are people active always and everywhere: innovative, pluralistic, creative and intellectual and who make impossible dreams come true!

Music and Lyric: Nugzar Kokhreidze

Edited by: Gocha Chogovadze

Video clip made by: Gia Dvalishvili and Davit Mirzashvili. 

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