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  Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations” (RICDOG) wants to create a space where people of different ages will have a harmonious relationship with each other. Our mission is to resist the alienation between generations and gain our knowledge, skills and experience exchange on which our joint participation in any activities will be successful. We encourage everyone to be active everywhere and always, in order to have successful present and future generations and create healthy environment.


  The club aims to promote the intergenerational respectful relationship environment, civil society, democratic processes and the development of science, among various nations in the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect between the world of culture, science, literature research, intercultural dialogue, human rights, the nature and environmental protection and conflict resolution.

Promote the development of democratic processes, human rights and freedom, freedom of speech and the development of democratic institutions, a free electoral environment and the formation of an open civil society;

To promote the popularization of science and scientific sectors, increasing youth participation in scientific work, scientific career planning, scientific research will be encouraged and supported;

Promote youth development, support and encouragement to engage in civil activities, identify their skills, formal and non-formal education and active involvement of citizens in its  formation;

To promote environmental awareness and cultural formation processes in the fight against climate change, environment and natural resource protection, scientific and research work on environmental issues and to inform the public about the developments in the environment;

Promote the development of culture, intercultural relations, multicultural area and the environment, cultural sectors and identify new talented generation.

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