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Basics of the organization

Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of generations” (RICDOG) was developed on November 23, 2005. The organization got registered officially on November 13, 2007.

RICDOG is a community organization, which is self-perceived as a model of society. The organization’s experiences show that living, cooperating and working on the same topic in a diverse community is possible in the Republic of Georgia.

RICDOG shows that the best result is achieved when individuals from different generations work together and create innovations, solve problems and share knowledge with each other.

RICDOG is a non-commercial, non-profitable, non-governmental organization.

RICDOG is a complex organization, oriented on usage of innovative methods. The organization develops rapidly and is in non-stop search of new approaches, aims to involve the maximum numbers of people in organizational activities and spread its mission, views and standart.

RICDOG is a family, which looks after each of its member and provides them with self-development.

RICDOG is an organization with youthful spirit.



The Period of Innovative Group

On November 23, 2005 a “Research Club” idea was created on a faculty of humanitarian sciences of Akaki Tsereteli State University. The club aimed to actively involve youth in the realm of science. The club was non-formal and scientifical discussions were held once every month on different topics, where lectors and students equally participated. Two speakers researched pre-chosen topic and opposed each other, after that, other students joined the discussion. Different sayings throughout the discussions were printed on a brochure.

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The Club was created by a student of the Department of Slavic. Also, first members of the club were from the very same department. Because of this, first few discussions were about topics linked to Slavistics. Later the array of topics expanded and students and lectors from different specialties joined the Club.

The Club’s structure was only in developing stages and was coordinated by then-student of Masters of Slavistics, Nugzar Kokhreidze, and scientific supervisor was Head of the Department of Slavistics, Iraida Krotenko.

The club gradually expanded its working geography and topics. Later, apart from the scientific meetings, organized different intellectual events, staged exhibitions of students’ artwork, and etc.

The motto for the club was a famous saying of René Descartes: “Cogito Ergo Sum”.


Developing as a Non-Governmental Organization


The Club radically expanded and its works became diverse in 2007. Students from other universities, apart from Akaki Tsereteli State University, became the club’s members. This sped the process of changes up.

The first step was to register the organization officially. On November 13, 2007, Iraida Krotenko, Nona Bobokhidze, and Nugzar Kokhreidze founded “Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations””.


For the Head of the Board of the organization, Nugzar Kokhreidze was elected; and Maka Tsertsvadze became deputy Head of the Board.

Throughout the next 8 years, the organization developed organizational structures. First, executive branch, the board, worked according to the organization’s directions, but changed the way of working to the principles of teamwork in 2010.

The organization’s team developed a strategic plan for years 2010-2014 in 2010.


The organization created a PR strategy, which defined a logo, a motto, colors, an etiquette, and views for relations with people outside the organization (media, society, other NGOs, and the government), in 2013.


Full name of ogrganization: Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations”.

The motto: Be Active Always and Everywhere!

The colors: Blue, yellow, and green.


The logo:









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The strategy for HR and Fundraising was created. Organization’s directions and thematic format were developed.

The organization, which, without any funding started working in 2005, raised small, but necessary resources for development. The organization created a Strategy of Fundraising for financial steadiness. In a strategy for years 2010-2014, main focus was about providing financial development, especially: for office, technical and branch fundraising, and creating reserve funds.


Membership fee was created in 2007. First, it was 1 GEL, then 3 GEL, and later 5 GEL. The membership fee provided small but significant steps to rather important financial stability.


The organization was led by Nugzar Kokhreidze during years 2005-2014, when many important directions and programs where created.


RICDOG created programs such as: Scientific Club, Scientific Lectorium, Cycle of Intellectual and Logic-based games, Volunteers’ club, simulative game called “Open Government”, School of PR, “Art is Fun”, Workshop for Weaving, Geocaching, corporative game called “Returning the Golden Fleece”, a course for project-writing and project-management, and etc.

With the help of the local government, provided development of modeling game “Kutaisi Youth Parliament” in 2012.


RICDOG actively participates in a program called “Youth in Action” (called ERASMUS+ today) and has had numerous exchange programs, mentoring programs, and training-programs, where more then 700 youngsters were involved.


With an initiative of Eliso Gegenava, a member of the organization in 2011, a main annual event for the organization, “It Still Exists”, was created.



RICDOG camp, which takes place every July and members sum up the working year and plan the next working year, was founded in 2011.


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In 2013, the organization successfully got accredited by the European Voluntary Service, which was renovated during the next years and the organization now has accreditation of Europe’s Solidarity Corps.

14 European volunteers were hosted and 6 local volunteers were departed.


In 2014, RICDOG joined the Peace Corps’ volunteering program and hosted 2 volunteers from the USA: Jill Simpson and Andrew Chapper. They benefited organization’s institutional and program’s developments.


Throughout these years, RICDOG is partners with a movement against climate is a member of an East-Partnership Civic Society’s Forum’s Georgian National Platform.




Throughout these years the board members were: Nugzar Kokhreidze (Head of the Club (2005-2007); Head of the Board (2007-2014), Maka Tsertsvadze (Deputy Head of the Board (2007-2011), Giorgi Janelidze (Deputy Head of the Board (2011-2013), Gvantsa Totadze (Deputy Head of the Board (2013-2014), Tamuna Kopaliani, Nini Vashakmadze, Feride Kutateladze, Bezhan Nikabadze, Konstantine Svanidze, Giorgi Uglava, Tiesa Morchadze, Teona Zakarasvhili, Guram Kvantaliani, Ana Lemonjava, Ekaterine Pataraia, and others.


The Stage of Reforming and Renovations


RICDOG started a new process of renovation in 2014. The organization’s statute was changed, a new structure formed, and a Strategy of Development in years 2015-2024 created.


We can say that RICDOG has a complete normative base to develop the organization: all of the key documents, which provides development for the organization.

The organization clearly defined the three governing functions and responsibilities and created a balancing system for those with a face of Presidium, The board, and General Members’ Meeting. The organization created a brand-new form and approach for organization’s members integrity and self-growth.

Many programs: inside-of-the-organization trainings, organizing seminars, exchange programs and mentoring events were held to solve problems in organization’s structure and personnel policy.


A gamified corporative structure was created to develop organizational democracy and integrate the members in decision-making processes, which aims to raise integration in organizational processes and developing competencies.



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The stage of reforms and transformation

In 2014, RICDOG started a new transformation process. The charter of the organization is being changed, a new structure is being formed and the development strategy of the organization for 2015-2024 is being developed.

It is important that the organization clearly defined the functions and responsibilities of the three management links and provided a balancing system for these links: Presidium, Board and general meeting of members. It has developed a completely new form and approach in terms of engagement and professional growth of the organization's members.

Many programs were implemented to solve the organization's structure and personnel issues, starting with the organization of internal organizational training, seminars, and ending with participation in exchange and training events. For the development of organizational democracy and the involvement of members in the decision-making process, a gamified corporate organizational structure was created, the purpose of which is to promote the personal development of the organization's members, involvement in the decision-making process, and the development of self-assessment competence.


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A corporate gamified program "RICDOG BIRZHA" was also created to establish and stimulate fundraising culture among members.


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The organization establishes internal structures in the form of departments, which are still operating today:

●          “Manage Your Organization” - takes care of members' personal development, engagement, and implements several measures to ensure more democracy. A vertical support and training system is established where founders coach board members, board memebers supervise members, and members mentor program participants and volunteers.

●          "Project Writing and Management Department" - teaches members how to write projects and engages them in obtaining and implementing projects.

●          "Fundraising Department" - which ensures the involvement of all members of the organization in fundraising activities, implements financial education programs and looks for diverse ways to differentiate finances.


During this period, RICDOG laid the foundation for traditions that continue to this day:

Member Empowerment day:

Every year on November 17, anyone can interview with the founders and become a member of the organization for 1 year, with the right to choose multiple times.

The Best Member of the Year:

Since 2018, the "Member of the Year" has been announced at the end of the year charity event.

On January 15, the inauguration ceremony of the best member of the organization is held.

The best members of the year are:

2018 – Kristine Chikhladze; 

2019 – Dea Ezugbaia;

2020 – Shako Jintcharadze;

2021 – Mariam Zhorzholiani;

2022 – Temuri Jimsheleishvili.

In addition, in 2014 and 2016, the status of the best member was awarded to: Monika Doghonadze and Tako Kheladze (2014) and Irakli Tevzadze (2016).

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After the election of the members, in the last days of November, the board is elected, and the board elects the Secretary General and the Deputy from among its ranks.


Inauguration of the Honorary Secretary General

On December 7 (every third year), the inauguration of the Honorary Secretary General is held, at which the former  Secretary General presents a report to the public and receives an honorary award, which includes a monetary bonus for three years, membership of the board with the right to vote for 5 years, and the choice of the desired direction in case of continuing work in the organization.


Lighting of the Christmas tree

This tradition started in 2020. On December 17, members of the organization put together a Christmas tree and then give gifts to each other.

 RICDOG Honorary ward

Every 5 years, the organization celebrates an anniversary, an important part of which is the presentation of an honorary award.

The award for special contribution is given to two people: 1. An outsider of the organization; 2. On the internal person of the organization.

The award is given to people who, from the point of view of the organization, have played a significant role in the development of the country and the organization.


Honorary award holders are:


Anniversary event of 2015

Nodar Jikia - Program Director of the Young Lawyers Association of Georgia, Kutaisi branch;

Maka Tsertsvadze - Deputy Head of RICDOG Board in 2007-2011.

Anniversary online event of 2020

Nino Ckhobadze - Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, Chairwoman of the Greens Movement of Georgia, Friends of the Earth - Georgia;

Gvantsa Totadze -Secretary General of RICDOG in 2014-2017.


2014-2017 years

Secretary General - Gvantsa Totadze;

Deputy of Secretary General - Ekaterine Marukashvili.

Board members:

Tiesa Morchadze, Tsitsi Dzadzua, Lorena Gabelia, Konstantine Svanidze, Giorgi Uglava, Akaki Saghinadze, Avtandil Mikautadze, Lana Totadze.

3 years was an important period for showing the effectiveness of the organization's structural waxes, in terms of the proper functioning of the organization, its image and giving the final face. During this time, the organization was implementing all its strategic documents, and especially the "Strategic Development Document", where emphasis was placed on the fulfillment of the priorities of the year. The organization fully followed the year's priorities and based on them implemented relevant programs and projects or one-time action-events and activities.


During this period, the following documents were created:

Strategic Development Plan (2015-2024);

Fundraising strategy;

The concept of Gender Equality;

PR Strategy;

Human Resources and Management Strategy;

System of Freelancers;


2017-2020 years

Secretary General - Ekaterine Marukashvili

Deputy  of Secretary General - Lana Totadze

 Board members:

Akaki Saghianadze, Durmishkhan Kikutadze, Avtandil Mikautadze, Irakli Tevzadze, Giorgi Gabriadze, Kristine Chikhladze, Kakhaber Edzgveradze.

 During this period, the following documents were approved:

Code of Conduct;


Green Office Concept.

In the meantime, the organizational gamified structure program changes and the organization moves to an innovative approach called "RICDOG Engagement Structure".


An important event: in 2020, the organization acquired its own office space through a broad public campaign.



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2020-2023 years

Secretary General - Lana Totadze

Deputy of Secretary General - Irakli Tevzadze


Board members:

Durmishkhan Kikutadze, Kristine Chikhladze, Kakhaber Edzgveradze, Diana Abuladze, Tatia Topadze.

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