The Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations" (RICDOG) was founded on November 23, 2005. At the beginning it was based at Akaki Tsereteli State University, Department of Slavic Studies and its main purpose was to popularize Russian language, culture and literature, to engage youth in scientific researches, promote different-thinking. At that time it was a science club and promoted beginner scientists. The name "Dialogue of Generations" was created in 2006 when the club expanded its scope of work and went beyond the university. New goals and objectives for the club were developed and it started functioning as a separate NGO. The founders of the club are: President of the Club, Professor - Iraida Krotenko, Vice President of the Club, Associate Professor - Nona Bobokhidze, Chairman of the Club - Nugzar Kokhreidze. On November 13, 2007 the club was registered under the full name of the Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations".


During this time, the history of the club was made up by many people. They have held numerous science club meetings on many different topics. They have perfected and shaped the structure of the organization, they have expanded the scope and geography of the club. They have helped many people make solid strides in life.

Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations" continues its work to create many interesting history sheets and hopes that many more interesting and talented people will help it in this good work.

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